Once Upon a Time in Colombia

Benjamin Fisher
Published 2013
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Once Upon a Time in Colombia is inspired by the protagonist’s experiences in Colombia, where as a young American college dropout/entrepreneur, he traveled in search of adventure, women and money in the flourishing adult web cam chat industry. The story follows him from a privileged upbringing in Miami to the streets of Medellin, Colombia,-providing an inside look into the neighborhoods, a rarely talked about sub-culture, and the city’s violent history.


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I love the journey the author takes you on, with a writing style that flows eloquently through a chaotic environment. Benjamin Fisher takes you on a journey in a poetic form that flows like music to the ears.Read More >>>

Really enjoyed reading this book. It takes you on one heck of a crazy Adventure! With his unique writing style Mr. Fisher tells a story like only he can. Edgy, provocative, gripping, and erotic...Read More >>>

I want to start by saying I stumbled upon this book by total accident but am really glad I did.The description does not do the book justice which for me was part of what I loved about it. Read More >>>

A unique look into a hidden voiceless subculture. Edgy and erotic. This novel paints a vivid picture of struggle, hope, and ones determination to find something beyond the ridged frame that outlines our social "norm"! Read More >>>

I gave it four stars because it was a good and fun read. I got insider info into a world I didn't think too much about. I liked the character I hated, and instead of trying to be all flashy with his words and overly dramatic description Ben Fisher went the way of Hemingway and just wrote a pretty damn good book. Read More >>>

Not only is the subject of this book outrageously cool, the writing style was also engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this book. Read More >>>

Benjamin Fisher inserts the reader into the streets of Medellin. I felt like I had already been there after reading the book. I highly recommend this book, it was a pleasure to read.Read More >>>

This is simply an amazing book. As a native of Medellin, Colombia, I could not help being taken back home by Fisher's vivid and captivating writing style. The story is full of contrasts, adventure, insights, and history all fused into a great read Read More >>>

This story really grew on me the more I thought about it. At first, it seemed to be a description of a young American hustler trying to make a buck out of exploiting young struggling Colombian women. Read More >>>