Entrepreneur Abroad – Benjamin Fisher

In his early 20′s author and entrepreneur Benjamin Fisher took a risk.  He decided he wasn’t interested in pursuing the average career path most Americans take and was more intrigued by the prospect of gambling on both adventure as well as business.  In Once Upon a Time in Colombia by Benjamin Fisher we get a glimpse into the world of internet business.  From dream to reality this book shows what it takes to become successful.  The online formula for his business you ask?  One part Colombian women, one part webcams, and three parts ingenuity.  From his airport departure to the arrival of fantastic income this book will show you what it takes to make a simple idea come true.  The book also gives a behind the scenes look on expectations and dreams and how they take us down roads we would have never guessed, ultimately guiding us exactly where we were destined all along.

“He’d been driving taxis, and hustling pot. But, six months before I’d met him, he had gotten a job as an English teacher at an adult education center. His experience as an English teacher would end up being a great tool for our business, helping our employees develop their relationships with international clients. ”

This story is an amazing tale of one man and his belief in his ability to create a functional business from an idea.  Set in beautiful Colombia there couldn’t be a better backdrop for a story like this. If you are an entrepreneur and are contemplating how to get started on your business, whatever the concept may be, this book will show you what it really takes to become successful and how to take the steps to make things happen.  Buy Once Upon a Time in Colombia by Benjamin Fisher today.